T.O.T.R. Episode 1- The Genisis of the Project......


This is the web page for "STAR WARS - Twilight of the Republic". This is a film that was finished being filmed at Misawa Air Base, Japan. Although finished with filming, the original support crew for Special Effects and CGI were not able to stay at the base and finish the work on the film. At this time, assistance is being requested thru the FAN FILMS section at "TheForce.Net" for help to finish this film. The current thread on this project is:


If anyone would like to help out to finish this project, we are looking for help with:

1) Opening Crawl

2) Closing Credits

3) CGI shots, starships entering and leaving a planet, landing on the planet, being destroyed.

4) Green Screen Work

5) Rotoscoping two short light saber sequences

6) Rotoscoping several blaster sequences

7) FX on some explosion sequences

8) Music or sound FX work.

Fortunately the film is completely filmed, so there is not a problem with that issue. If you would like to help out, please email me at:


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Any one that helps out will of course be given credit on the closing and possibly opening titles.

Many thanks in advance!


The History of this project:

The story of project really started back in 2002, when some friends and I were reviewing some of the Fan Films that were posted to THEFORCE.NET. After looking at what was being published to the internet, especially with the film "Duality", my friends and I decided to try our own short light saber film. Originally it was going to be 3 or 4 fighters, meeting in the woods or in a large room, and fighting with lightsabers. I had actually gone to hardware store and had built some early version lightsabers when the project suddenly got alot more complicated.

There seemed to be a large cry from the Fan Film population for something other than the stereo typical lightsaber fight. A typical lightsaber fight was exactly what we had originally intended, so we decided to actually do a film project that was not typical.

After a week I had a rough script, which I bounced off the other 3 guys that had been the start of this whole thing. The four of us agreed that the story had merit, and could be done. Since none of us were actors, I set about trying to recruit some actors from the local Theater Guild.

After two casting calls, which was advertised by several community emails, Theater Guild emails, a Base paper article and a trip to the local High School's Theater department, I had over 30 people audition. I also had a large amount of CGI and Production Crew volunteers.

Now, into the project over two months, alot has been done. The final script (tweaked a hundred times) is done, we have cast actors, filming locations, a good number of props, a growing amount of costumes, and even our own filming studio.

It has been alot of work, alot more than I originally bargained for. It has also been a bit more expensive than I hoped. I was hoping for a couple hundred dollars, and that was it. But, even with an extensive amount of donations and materials, the cost of the film has not been dirt cheap. Still, the support from the entire team has been phenominal. I wish to thank each and everyone associated with this project. The individual contributions to make this project a reality is far to vast to individually list. It is easy to say that dozens of individuals have made this project work, and the efforts by everyone have been crucial. I am extremely proud to be associated with such a fine group of people.


As for the actual story of the project, TWILIGHT OF THE REPUBLIC, it is set in the time line between STAR WARS EPISODE 1 (THE PHANTOME MENACE) and STAR WARS EPISODE 2 (ATTACK OF THE CLONES). Set just a few months after the attack on Naboo by the Trade Federation has been stopped, the Republic's Senate has formed a Tribunal to gather evidence against the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. The newly appointed Supreme Chancelor Palpatine watches the ongoing proceedings with a wary eye.

Acting upon a secret communication to the Chairman of the Tribunal (Bail Organa of the Planet Alderaan), the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has been petitioned by the Tribunal to send a small task force of the recently formed REPUBLIC MARSHAL SERVICE to fetch the person who has the information the Tribunal is so interested in.

The REPUBLIC MARSHAL SERVICE had been created a year earlier, by the last Supreme Chancellor, Vallorum. Seeing a growing amount of corruption and intersellar greed, the Republic Senate approved his request to form a small yet powerfull Legal Military Force to deal with issues or problems that the Jedi Council could or would not handle.

Under control of the Senate Committee for Republic Security, the leader of the Republic Marshals Service does not even answer to the Supreme Chancellor, but to the Committee itself. The Marshals Service is even in charge of the Supreme Chancellor's own personal security. This is a fact that the Supreme Chancellor, who is in fact Darth Sidious cannot allow to remain.

Agents acting upon behalf of Supreme Chacellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious have been sent out in advance of the Marshals Service task force, to eliminate any threat that might be a danger to the Supreme Chancellor, and his plans....................


Well, that is enough to get the story started. I wish to thank George Lucas for allowing the fans of the world to create little adventures into his universe. I think it shows a great level of compassion and greatness to allow something like this, which so many other people have and do deny.

With that said, I want to state to all people visiting this site, that this whole project is a strickly volunteer, no pay, no profit affair. Everyone working on this project is doing it purely for the fun and experience of it. There will be no money made at all from this project, just the satisfaction of doing something fun, and doing it well. I think George will like the story and the finished product. If he and the Star Wars fans out there like it, then I think we will all feel like we have helped contribute a bit to the world.


Sean Harris- Writer, Producer, Director.